The Walk with Me Manifesto


If you enjoy:

  • Reading
  • Thinking differently, consider yourself a contrarian
  • Discussing bootstrapped businesses, entrepreneurship
  • Discussing the latest (and the foundational principles) in digital marketing
  • Technology (AI, Automation, Machine Learning)
  • Learning new things, growing and a constant drive to be better at everything (a better human, a better thinker, a better student, a better business person, etc)

Then you'll like find this blog/my emails interesting.

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Steve Jobs used to love taking long walks and discussing business.

They were known as "Walking Meetings".

I love taking regular walks too.

Gets the blood flowing.

It's calming.

I get a lot of ideas and do a lot of thinking during a long walk.

It's why I love the concept of "Walking Meetings".

That's how I decided to call this email newsletter "Walk with Me". I like to think of it as just the two of us on a walk and talking about shit and bouncing ideas off each other.

Introverts socialise too

Reading (and writing) is something I enjoy doing. It's my preferred way to communicate.

While I'm a self-confessed Introvert (at the extreme end of the spectrum), I'm not huge on face-to-face interactions but I do enjoy meeting and talking to people about the topics I'm passionate about.

Not another email newsletter

I get it...attention spans are all time much content and devices competing for your attention, why bother with another email newsletter?

I love email.

I still think it's one of the best communication channel available to us.

With email newsletters like Morning Brew, The Hustle, etc - I think email newsletters are experiencing a renaissance. (I don't believe they really went away).

Email done right has always worked...

...and worked really well.

People like Andre Chaperon, Perry Marshall, Justin Brooke, John Fancher, Ben Settle influence me a lot when it comes to email.

I can only hope to achieve their level of email connection with readers.

At least, that's the goal.

Email is just my favourite way of communicating with others, especially about topics that move me passionately:

  • Business & being an entrepreneur (even though I hate this word), with specific focus on bootstrapped businesses.
  • Digital marketing - not a huge fan of copying tactics blindly, I like to understand the nuances and strategy behind its workings
  • Thinking, how to be constantly improve - I'm a fan of Stoicism and mindfulness and how it applies to life
  • Technology - I can't do what I do without technology and I'm excited about all things techy (AI, automation, robotics, machine learning, etc)
  • I'm a nerd/geek at heart - so I love sprinkling comparisons to comics, sci-fi and fantasy in my writing
  • ...oh and I'm a middle-aged K-Pop/K-drama fan too! Yes, I am a part of BTS Army! (You know what I'm talking about!)

I live in my head and want to share a glimpse inside

My mind has a thousands thoughts and ideas running around inside at any same moment.

I know I'm not the only one like this.

I enjoy journaling with the old pen and paper, but I also like to flesh out ideas and sharing them with other like-minded people.

As I get older, I'm more and more fickle with the people I surround myself with. 

It's why you won't see me beg you to sign up.

I only ask you to sign up if this completely resonates with you.

Of course, you might sign up and discover down the line my emails don't resonate anymore...that's ok...I'll always give you a way to unsubscribe and get off the train.

No hard feelings.

So, without much further ado, if this sounds like a plan, join me for my weekly "Walk with Me" emails.