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Lessons from Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza has always been a model case study of how to create a unique selling point when they crafted the offer of:

We'll deliver your pizza within 30 minutes or you get it free.

That created a standard for pizza delivery that few were able to replicate.

How Domino's is Dominating Again During a Pandemic

Domino's Pizza's sales has increased 16% year on year during a pandemic...

...while their competitors like Pizza Hut and California Pizza are filing for bankruptcy.

So, how are they doing this?

They had the foresight to shift to online ordering (and make it easy to order via as many online channels as possible) - reducing the friction of ordering online.

While other fast-food competitors typically only have online orders accounting for about 5%-10%...

...Domino's strategy resulted in online orders of a whopping 65% to 75%!

Ignore Online Channels at Your Own Peril

The demise of Toys r Us, also due to their late focus on online sales, show why many businesses who ignored the sales online channels will suffer or lose major market share.

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