Just give me a price…


This week on LinkedIn a relatively big-name marketer posted about how he just wished vendors would send him a price. 

No need to get on a call or understand what he's looking for, just send him a price (especially in  B2B he added).

The comments were highly engaged with comments agreeing with him but more so disagreeing with him.

I thought I'd share my response:

Imagine going to an architect:
“Just give me a price to build my dream home.”

But the architect would need to know:
- How many rooms do you want?
- What materials do you want for your counter tops?
- How large a lot do you have?
- What kind of flooring do you want?

Not everything can be painted with the same brush as “just give me a price.”

I would be VERY worried about the architect that just throws out a price without knowing more info.

What's your take?

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