Is Privacy Going to Kill Marketing as We Know It?

At the recent WWDC21 virtual event, Apple announced new privacy protection within their Mail app (email client). Marketers will no longer be able to track IP addresses AND email opens. None of this is surprising, I’ve been advocating that email open rates were fallible metrics anyways despite the common backlash to that line of thinking….

On Building Audiences

On Building Audiences

If you’re a techie like I am, you probably know who Marques Brownlee is. He’s a tech review Youtuber with over 13.7 MILLION (!!!) subscribers (at the time of publishing). Sidenote: I subscribe to his channel too. What’s interesting is, when he first started, by the time he recorded his 100th video, he only had…

How to be Productive Every Single Day

“Do the most important thing first each day and you’ll never have an unproductive day.” – James Clear I’m constantly obsessed with productivity. Time is the one limited resource we have we can never regain. Money? Can earn more or earn it back. Time is not money… …time is more valuable than money. It’s why the quote above from James…